LED Lamp with 3 Arms for Operating Rooms

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The LED surgical light provides illumination no shadows and a true color reproduction, with high intensities up to 160,000 Lux. The light beam with 350 mm spot diameter of light (maximum) and up to 1500 mm depth of illumination meeting the demand for lighting in large wounds and deep surgery. High optical performance, security, stable and suitable for various clinical requirements in surgeries. provide a color temperature of 4300 K close to natural light, guarantees an excellent color rendering index.

• Touch screen interface control
• Genuine cold light source
• Excellent depth focusing
• Floor system with wheels and battery support
• Single/dual temperature ceiling mounting system color close to natural sunlight Meets all the types of requirements
• Independent controls for each light head
• Lighting intensity control switches (±)
• LED indicator of illumination intensity indicator of the lamp
• Handle on head allows adjustment of light position and of the head
• Camera system (optional)
• Complies with the ISO 13485 quality standard
• 1 year of warranty

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